EC4H Online 2020/21

In October 2020, EC4H launched a new programme of online webinars, short workshops and 3-hour topic workshops:

  • Anticipatory care planning
    (community & care homes)
  • ACP in hospitals
    (treatment escalation/emergency care planning)
  • Responding to adverse events and complaints
  • Having realistic conversations
    (shared decision-making in practice)
  • Being Open after Adverse Events (Maternity)

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How to have realistic conversations

Being Open

How to have difficult conversations

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What they say

I had been concerned about role play pre workshop but felt it was extremely useful in practice. It felt like a safe, non-threatening environment with a proactive group who supported each other. The trainers were enthusiastic, encouraging and supportive and gave constructive criticism and positive feedback in equal measure. I learned to be careful about how an apology is presented and to pause to ensure that information is received. I really enjoyed this course.


The scenarios drew out people’s skills and developmental needs

— Consultant