EC4H Tutors Network

Effective Communication for Healthcare is a highly successful, postgraduate clinical communication programme based in NHS Lothian.

The programme has trained tutors from around Scotland and NHS Boards will soon be able to obtain a licence to run EC4H courses in their own Board area with access to an expanding range of online and printed teaching and learning resources. Accredited tutors are listed in this section by NHS Board.

The EC4H Programme is led by:-

kirstyboyd2Dr Kirsty Boyd
EC4H Lead tutor
Dr Kirsty Boyd was trained as a clinical communication tutor by Professor Peter Maguire in 1995 and has been organising postgraduate communication courses for over 15 years.

She has been Clinical Communication Programme Theme Head for The University of Edinburgh Medical School (2002-2015) and she is an Honorary Clinical Senior Lecturer and member of the Primary Palliative Care Research Group within the Usher Institute.

Kirsty holds a Masters in Clinical Education from Nottingham University.  Her clinical role is as consultant in palliative medicine at the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh.
GMC Number: 2846907

belindahackingDr Belinda Hacking
EC4H Lead tutor
Dr Belinda Hacking has worked with Dr. Boyd since 2003, teaching clinical communication to senior doctors and other professionals across Scotland. Belinda was also trained by the late Professor Maguire.

Belinda is Head of Psychology Service for Learning Disability, Health, Forensic, Neuropsychology and Older Adults, NHS Lothian.
British Psychological Society membership: 33194