NHS Ayrshire and Arran Tutors

A Speirs 1Dr Alison Spiers
EC4H Lead Tutor 

Alison Spiers is a consultant in intensive care and works in both the intensive care and medical high dependency units in Crosshouse Hospital. Talking about dying and treatment choices is a daily part of her work and the challenges involved prompted her to seek further training in communication skills.


Inspired by an EC4H course in 2015, she subsequently trained as a tutor in order to share learning experiences more locally. Her special interest is in end of life decision-making and care in acute hospitals and the fundamental role of communication in this context.

Esther Murray (details to come)


Julie Hannah

Julie Hannah is a Resuscitation Officer and Nursing Clinical Lead for Acute Adult Scottish Patient Safety Programme.

Through her critical care nursing and resuscitation experience she understands the importance of effective communication, particularly in relation to the deteriorating and dying patient and the challenges that these conversations may bring to all concerned.  She trained as an EC4H tutor in 2016 so that she could support further learning in this complex and sensitive area of communication.