NHS Lothian Tutors

Dr Kirsty Boyd
EC4H Lead tutor

Dr Kirsty Boyd was trained as a clinical communication tutor by Professor Peter Maguire in 1995 and has been organising postgraduate communication courses for over 20 years.  She was Clinical Communication Programme Theme Head for the University of Edinburgh Medical School from 2002-2015 and she is an honorary clinical senior lecturer at the University of Edinburgh.

Kirsty holds a Masters in Clinical Education from Nottingham University.  Her clinical role is as consultant in palliative medicine at the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh.
GMC Number: 2846907

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Dr Belinda Hacking

Dr Belinda Hacking
EC4H Lead tutor

Dr Belinda Hacking has worked with Dr. Boyd since 2003, teaching clinical communication to senior doctors and other professionals across Scotland. Belinda was also trained by the late Professor Maguire. Her clinical role is head of psychology service for learning disability, health, forensic, neuropsychology and older adults in NHS Lothian. Belinda has a special interest in shared decision-making in healthcare.
British Psychological Society membership: 33194
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Dr Frances Yuille
Senior tutor

Dr Frances Yuille was a consultant clinical oncologist at the Beatson Cancer Centre in Glasgow before moving to her current post at the Edinburgh Cancer Centre.  She was one of the senior clinicians involved in developing the postgraduate communication education programme in SE Scotland. She has been a senior tutor since 2004.  Frances teaches a range of postgraduate courses and undergraduates at the University of Edinburgh.
GMC number: 3249312

Dr Matthew Young
Senior tutor

Dr Matthew Young attended a postgraduate clinical communication course in 2004 and then joined the EC4H tutor programme. He continues to teach undergraduate and postgraduate communication workshops on a regular basis. Matthew is a senior consultant in diabetes medicine and acute medicine at the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh.
GMC Number: 3056736

Dr Tamasin Evans
Senior tutor

Dr Tamasin Evans is a consultant clinical oncologist in the Edinburgh Cancer Centre. She attended an EC4H senior doctors’ communication course in 2008 and has then joined the EC4H senior tutors’ group.
GMC number: 4116646

Dr Debbie Morley
Senior Tutor

Dr Debbie Morley is a consultant anaesthetist  at the Western General Hospital. She attended an EC4H senior doctors’ communication course in 2007 having already been involved for several years in undergraduate medical communication teaching. Debbie has subsequently trained as an EC4H tutor.
GMC number: 3337079.

Dr Gayle Campbell
Senior tutor

Dr Gayle Campbell is an associate specialist in medicine of the elderly at the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh. She has been a lead tutor in the undergraduate medical clinical communication programme for a number of years. In 2011, she completed advanced tutor training with EC4H and contributes regularly to our programme of courses and short workshops.
GMC number: 4197337

Jennifer Pyper
Senior nurse tutor

Jennifer Pyper completed her EC4H tutor training through the NES sponsored programme in 2010.

Her clinical background is as a resuscitation officer in NHS Lothian with a special interest in paediatrics. She regularly contributes to all levels of communication courses and is keen to promote workshops raising awareness and facilitating discussions about Children and Young People’s Acute Deterioration Management (CYPADM). NMC number: 82E0229S

Dr Frauke Weidanz

Dr Frauke Weidanz is a consultant in Critical Care and Acute Medicine in NHS Lothian, based mainly at the Western General Hospital. She has an interest in teaching and recently completed EC4H communication tutor training. GMC number: 6070477

Dr Stephen Fenning
Specialty Registrar

Dr Stephen Fenning is a Specialty Registrar in Palliative Medicine in South East Scotland. He contributes regularly to undergraduate and postgraduate teaching in Palliative Medicine and has facilitated EC4H workshops since completing his EC4H Advanced Communication Tutor Training in 2017.

Dr Caroline Whitton
Consultant Physician

Dr Caroline Whitton is a Consultant Physician in Elderly Care and Foundation Programme Director at QEUN, Glasgow.  Caroline has been facilitating EC4H workshops for several years now in Ayrshire, Lanarkshire and Edinburgh.

John Raez

John Raez has worked with NHS Lothian since 2007 with both Speech and Language and Physiotherapy community services. 

In his current post with Corporate Finance, John is providing project support for regional and clinical projects. 

He joined the EC4H tutor programme in 2017