How to Have Difficult Conversations

The EC4H programme offers a wide range of one and two day interactive general communication workshops for different professionals and groups. Participants work in a small peer group to address communication challenges drawn from their own clinical practice, teaching and management roles.


Common challenges addressed during the programmes are;

  • Engaging in complex shared decision-making, including how to describe risk
  • Handling strong emotions – anger, emotional distress, denial and collusion
  • Discussing future care planning, CPR and other treatment options
  • Addressing and preventing complaints; talking to patients and families involved in  adverse events
  • Addressing poor performance by trainees, colleagues or other members of the clinical team
  • Managing complex negotiations 
  • How to enhance effective teamwork
  • Chairing meetings where there are divergent agendas

All participants in EC4H courses are encouraged to;

  • review their current practice in communicating with patients, their relatives, colleagues and trainees
  • identify personal learning objectives and develop strategies for addressing these within a supported peer learning group.