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EC4H workshops

Clinical Topics

Future care planning
(Talking about deteriorating health)

Shared decision-making & informed consent

‘Being Open’ about adverse events
(Duty of Candour)

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Management Topics

Management workshops for clinicians

Management Topics – Leadership & teamwork, Negotiation, Poor performance

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Tutor Training

Workshops for tutors in EC4H partner organisations

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Professional Groups

Workshops for consultants

Workshops for general practitioners

Workshops for specialty trainees, specialty doctors and senior nurses 

Workshops for senior managers

Workshops for healthcare teams

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EC4H workshops in partner organisations

EC4H workshops in Lothian

EC4H workshops in Lothian

EC4H workshops in Lanarkshire

EC4H workshops in Lanarkshire

EC4H workshops in Forth Valley

EC4H workshops in Forth Valley

EC4H Iceland

EC4H Iceland

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Forthcoming Workshops in Lothian

We are running several new workshops in February and March.

What they say…

The use of real life challenges/scenarios was very effective

— Consultant