Responding to complaints during COVID-19 (online)

Dates available: 18th January 2021 (17:00-18:00) and 21st January 2021 (16:00-17:00)

Please complete online application form to be added to our waiting list to be notified of future dates if these dates are not suitable

Platform: MS Teams

Workshop Fee: £25


A one hour interactive online workshop led by our EC4H tutors.  We will work in a small online peer group to address communication challenges when responding to complaints during COVID-19.  Scenarios on the day will be:

18th January  -Responding to complaint from a bereaved relative (COVID-19 death)

Judith Smith, 75 year old widow, died during a recent hospital admission.  Her daughter and next of kin calls the ward with a complaint about the poor care of her dying mum.  The Consultant arranges a phone call to discuss complaint/concerns…

21st January: Responding to a complaint from a patient regarding delay in treatment due to COVID

Janine Brown (38) is on the waiting list for elective surgery.  She has received a letter saying that she is back on the waiting list for surgery but that it is likely to be at least 9 months before she gets a date due to COVID.  She calls her Consultant to complain


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