EC4H workshops

The EC4H programme offers a wide range of workshops for different professionals and groups, including our topic workshops.
You are welcome to apply for a workshop in any of the EC4H partner Boards.

Professional Groups

EC4H 044 1000pxCommunication Challenges for Consultants

1-day workshops for consultants

A workshop that offers consultants an opportunity to work in a small peer group facilitated by senior clinicians from our Tutors’ network. The group works on scenarios brought from their own clinical, managment or educational roles. Other senior health professionals attend these workshops in some Boards.
Available in: NHS Lothian, NHS Borders, NHS Dumfries and GallowayNHS Forth Valley, NHS Lanarkshire, Marie Curie

Communication Challenges in NHS Practice

1-day and 2-day intensive workshops for core medical trainees, specialty registrars, specialty doctors and other senior professionals (Band 6/7)

The workshops are aimed at senior trainees from any specialty, including GP registrars. Specialty doctors also attend these workshops. The course is also suitable for clinical nurse specialists and senior allied health professionals.
Available in: NHS Lothian, NHS Borders, NHS Dumfries and GallowayNHS Forth Valley, NHS Lanarkshire, CHASMarie Curie

Communication Challenges in Primary Care

1-day workshop for general practitioners

An interactive workshop looking at the diverse challenges of general practice led by one of our senior GP tutors.
Available in: NHS Lothian, NHS Forth Valley

Communication Challenges in NHS Management

1-day interactive workshops for medical directors, consultants, senior nurse managers and other professionals in senior NHS management roles

These workshops address a wide range of management topics brought by participants including interviews with staff, chairing meetings, handling complaints and job planning.
Available in: NHS LothianNHS Borders

Clinical topics

Anticipatory care planning

(Includes: talking about deteriorating health, DNACPR/ CYPADM, emergency treatment & care planning)

Professionals in primary and secondary care increasingly have conversations with people whose health is poor or deteriorating about what matters to them, living well with uncertainty, and planning ahead.

Talking about treatment decision-making, CPR, realistic medicine, emergency care and future care planning can be complex and challenging.

Join an EC4H workshop and get a copy of our book Talking about deteriorating health, dying and ‘what matters.
Available in: NHS Lothian, NHS Ayrshire & ArranNHS Borders, NHS Dumfries and Galloway, NHS FifeNHS Forth ValleyNHS Lanarkshire, CHASMarie Curie

Shared decision-making & informed consent: Realistic Medicine in practice

Professionals need to be able to share information in ways that enable people to understand the available options and make well-informed choices in line with their values and priorities.

If people are unable to make informed choices due to lack of capacity, we need to involve people with health and welfare powers in a registered Power of Attorney, and those close to the patient so that we make decisions that are of greatest benefit to that person.

Shared decision-making and informed consent are under even greater scrutiny following the Montgomery judgement – what people consider important in making decisions matters more than ever before.
Available in: NHS Lothian, NHS Borders,  NHS Lanarkshire

‘Being Open’ about adverse events & baby loss

A Health Improvement Scotland project team has worked with the EC4H programme to deliver multidisciplinary simulation workshops that model best practice throughout the patient journey whenever an adverse event occurs.

  • A ‘Being Open’ in Maternity education and resource pack is available.

QI methodology has shown clear benefits from the programme for mothers, family members, clinical staff and management when dealing with an adverse event.

Two new programmes will improve communication with families: experiencing perinatal or neonatal baby loss; shared decision-making with families of babies receiving neonatal or paediatric intensive care.
Available in: NHS Lothian, NHS Ayrshire & Arran

Workshops for teams

Individual team workshops can be arranged for clinical or management teams who’d like to train together for a full or half day.

Professionals from different disciplines who want to share ideas and learn together can ask for their own multidisciplinary team workshop and focus on topics that are of most relevance to them.

Team topic or clinical management workshops are arranged by request – just contact your Board’s lead tutor.
A group of 8-12 is usually required for us to run an effective team workshop.
Available in: NHS Lothian, NHS Forth ValleyNHS Lanarkshire

Tutor Training

An EC4H accredited programme of Clinical Communication Tutor Training is available to invited professionals who are employed by EC4H partner Boards/ Organisations. The EC4H licence includes places on our tutor training programme. Contact your Board’s lead tutor or the EC4H lead tutor.