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Icelandic facilators Sigrun L. Magnusdottir and Jon Eyjolfur Jonsson with Erna Haraldsdottir.
Icelandic facilitators Sigrun L. Magnusdottir and Jon Eyjolfur Jonsson with Erna Haraldsdottir.

EC4H communication courses in Iceland 

EC4H in Iceland 2015

We ran 2 successful courses in May using the 2015 edition of the EC4H books. We were delighted to see that the courses are attracting more senior clinicians in Iceland, both doctors and senior nurses. We are already seeing that the workshop is establishing itself as a very popular, exciting and useful course. A senior consultant in oncology is interested in the course from the perspective of incorporating it into the training programme for trainees who are going through the general medicine programme.

In terms of keeping the momentum and taking EC4H further forward we sent 2 more facilitators to do the EC4H Tutor Training in November selected from the clinicians who have already done an EC4H workshop with us in Iceland.


In 2014 the Icelandic Cancer Society teamed up with EC4H by sending two Icelandic health care professionals Sigrun L. Magnusdottir (a nurse) and Jon Eyjolf Jónsson  (a medical consultant)  to Edinburgh to  participate in EC4H ‘Train the Trainers’ course.  The aim was to deliver EC4H communication courses in Iceland specifically around breaking bad news with additional support from Erna Haraldsdottir, an EC4H tutor who is Head of Education, Practice Development and Research at Strathcarron Hospice in central Scotland.

Four courses have now been delivered in the capital city of Iceland, Reykjavik, as part of this joint venture between EC4H and the Icelandic Cancer Society. In total 45 doctors and nurses have attended the course and feedback has been extremely positive as evident in the following quotes taken from written feedback after the course.

“I should do this every year” 

“I found experiencing role play very effective way to learn”. 

“Why have I not had this guidance [on effective communication] before? !   (Doctor who has 20 years of clinical experience)   

”Excellent course”

“Everything very useful but specifically useful for me thought around concepts of “hope an worry”   

The Icelandic Cancer Society will continue to support the delivery of these courses using the EC4H framework.

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