Workshops in Marie Curie Scotland

Communication Challenges for Registered Nurses working in Hospice or Community

Dates: 10th March 2020 (Edinburgh Hospice)

Workshop Overview

This workshop offers specialist palliative care professionals an opportunity to work in a small peer group to explore communication challenges drawn from their own clinical practice.

The scenarios may include:

  • Complex shared decision-making
  • Handling strong emotions – anger, emotional distress, denial and collusion
  • Addressing and preventing complaints; managing adverse events
  • Team conflict
  • Anticipatory care planning informed by an understanding of ‘what matters’ to individual patients and families when health is deteriorating

Learning outcomes:

  • Review current practice in communicating with patients, their relatives and colleagues
  • Identify personal learning objectives and develop strategies for addressing these within a supported peer learning group
  • Evaluate and respond to patient/carer/ colleague perspectives
  • Identify ways of increasing communication effectiveness


Clinical Nurse Specialists, Medical staff and Allied Health Professionals are invited to apply.

Pre-workshop preparation

Workshop participants have found it useful to think about how they currently communicate and what situations are particularly challenging.  As the workshop is based on participants’ own situations we will be asking what you would like to work on.

 We will ask you to complete an online, pre-workshop evaluation – please do this as soon as possible as we use this information to plan your workshop.


Our tutors are experienced palliative care professionals and bring a wealth of clinical and teaching experience. You can read about them on our tutors’ webpage.


Please contact Lead Tutor Tracy Smith to apply for a place,.